Secta is founded by Lucía Serrano (Tattoo Artist) and Adriana Anaya (Graphic Designer), united by their love and passion for art and design they created a jewelry brand that is inspired by Lucia’s work. Together they wanted to create a brand where the wearer of any piece can find a special meaning and make it part of their story.

Lucía has been working with ink since 2016, throughout her journey she has been creating a series of unique illustrations that represent her main inspiration as an artist, with meaningfull themes such as feminism, women empowerment and mental health. This can be seen in metaphors that use elements such as birds, nests, skulls and flowers, among others.
We care about the products we sell, our team and our costumers. That’s why we work together with a team of local producers from Puebla and Mexico City that brings a special meaning and added value to each of our pieces, from packaging, art direction and photographers, to the final pieces of jewelry. 


Photography: C129 (Rodrigo Chapa, Paulo García) 
Design and art direction: Adriana Anaya 
Web design: Adriana Anaya